N1GB Resource Page
George Blakeslee
ARES files (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)

1. 2018 FLdigi ARES Academy Workshop materials (J. Taft)

       Basic-NBEMS-Workshop.pdf      download

       FLdigi-Check-List.pdf    download

       FLdigi-Audio-Settings.pdf    download

       Macros folder (zipped)   download

             a. Basic-NBEMS-Workshop-Macros-V02E06.mdf
             b. Scratch-Pad.mdf

2. FLdigi Sound Card Calibration - WWV Mode

        Powerpoint  (download)          FLDIGI Soundcard Calibration Presentation.ppt

        Video Tutorial        http://screencast.com/t/WANcU0Twb

3. FLdigi NH-ARES Standard versions (2018 Q4)

    Current NH ARES standard versions for 4th Quarter 2018

    Fldigi/FLarq  - 4.0.18/4.3.7
    FLwrap - 1.3.5    
    FLmsg - 4.0.7
    FLamp - 2.2.03

    The persistent link to download the installers is  http://www.w1hkj.com/

    CUSTOM FORMS and Instructions download

    East Rockingham portable package for 2018Q4
    (for use with USB and other external drives)
    (It includes the latest 300B, and also provides a free, powerful text editor, EditPad Lite.)
    Read the instruction text document for directions on use

    4. FLdigi FSQ Mode

        FSQ configuration & commands. pdf  
by Larry, WB9KMW,  www.wb9kmw.com

        Powerpoint    (download)        FLDIGI FSQ Presentation.ppt

        Video Tutorials

        Set up and initial operation pt 1       http://screencast.com/t/jnJvIfkC

        Basic Commands pt 2                     http://screencast.com/t/aCynhyhD

        File Exchange pt 3a                         http://screencast.com/t/PW4tLAcMse9W

        File Exchange pt 3                           http://screencast.com/t/wL0fJ0lg